Applying the Red Hack Fix to a Tote Pump

The “Red Hack Fix” can be applied to many things from a tote pump to virtually anything else you (gentle reader) can imagine. The regular readers of this blog will know what it means to apply the “Red Hack Fix” to something but for the edification of people who might be new to this blog let us first explore what we mean by this particular term. Essentially, the term “Red Hack Fix” refers to fixing a problem by hacking into it. But this is not an ordinary hack that we are talking about. This is in fact a “Red” hack.


So the question that logically arrives at this point in the blog point is how can the “Red Hack Fix” be applied to a tote pump? First of all there must be a problem with the item that requires fixing. If there is no problem with the item then there is nothing to apply the “Red Hack Fix” to. We are all familiar with the phrase, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The same is true for the “Red Hack Fix.” In other words, “if it ain’t broke, don’t Red Hack Fix it.”

If we have an item that is in fact broken then it is ripe for an application of the “Red Hack Fix.” Let us now discuss how this procedure is to be implemented. First the exact nature of the problem with the item must be clearly identified and defined. Once the problem has been defined there usually appears a possible fix to the problem. Once this fix appears it is then possible to apply the “Red Hack Fix” to this problem. The exact nature of the “Red Hack Fix” will naturally depend upon the specific feature of the problem that requires fixing.