Long range WiFi for Android tablet

Android pills have grown to be prevalent nowadays and certainly one of their edges is the fact they can join to long-range WiFi signals to be able to give you access to the internet. Nevertheless, one of the common dilemmas users of Android tablet computer are facing in many places is the weak WiFi signals. You can overcome this dilemma by using a wireless repeater in order to amplify the long-range WiFi sign on your Android tablet. If you are an outdoor enthusiast afterward by adding an WiFi repeater you will end up competent to use long range WiFi signals on your own Android tablet even in places where you had troubles before. As an example, you may use your Android tablet in a campground, inside your Motorhome. The reason because of this dilemma is the wireless LAN is aline of sight engineering and the sign is blocked by the aluminum walls of the RVs. The other RVs produced of solid aluminum can block your wi fi signal even if your own RV is made from fibreglass.


So that you can conquer this issue you will need to use a high gain directional antenna mounted above the roof-line of your Motorhome. The antenna should be positioned in such a way that will have a transparent line of sight to the wi fi transmission antenna on the campground. You can use an UFL to RP-SMA cable to connect your high gain antenna to the repeater apparatus, that will supply a WiFi hotspot to your Android tablet. The wi fi signal can be shared by numerous cellular devices and computers, therefore all the members of your family can use it, too. The repeater unit will not need installing additional software which is compatible 100 % with almost any wireless apparatus, including Android tablet computer, and notebooks, iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Another means to enhance your long range WiFi connection for an Android tablet is to add an exterior USB wireless adapter including a high gain antenna from silicone-lubricant.com that can amplify the power of the long range WiFi sign.

WiFinder is a wi fi scanner app for Android that helps your cellular device for connecting to almost any WiFi networks like open, WEP, WPA, and WPA2. The program features useful functions that permits you to auto scan networks, switch between different WiFi access points and favorite networks, displays in-depth information about your connection, and scan your channels to help you enhance your connection quality.

Free Zone wi fi is still another useful program for Android tablet computer that helps you instantly connect to any free wi fi network in your variety.

Amped Wireless wi fi Analytics is a free app for Android that helps you optimizing your wi fi connection functionality. The program offers sophisticated evaluation of the hindrances on your own WiFi community and on the wi fi signal power. The wi fi Analytics program additionally can help you in determining the best location for a wi fi router, adapter, or repeater.