Replacement CPAP Masks Come In All Shapes And Sizes

If You Are Unhappy With Your Present CPAP Mask There Are Plenty Of Options

For anyone with sleep apnea, CPAPs are a way of life. CPAP machine treat sleep apnea and let individuals with sleep apnea to sleep normally. It is necessary to have CPAP masks which are comfy every night since the CPAP machine must be used. Luckily there is a broad assortment of masks available.

Full Face Masks And Nasal Masks

CPAP masks come in two important varieties. There are full face masks, which cover the nose and mouth, and there are nasal masks that just cover the nose. Which one are essential changes on a patient to patient basis, dependent on their nighttime respiration routines. If the patient frequently or sometimes breathes through her or his mouth while sleeping, a full face mask will probably be required. On the other hand, if the patient only breathes through her or his nose during sleep, a nasal mask would likely be the best alternative.

Nasal masks and full face masks function the same manner; full face masks just cover the patient’s mouth along with covering her or his nose. However, because they’re smaller, nasal masks have a tendency to be more comfortable. Given the alternative between a CPAP nasal mask and a CPAP total face mask, a nasal mask would be picked by most patients.

Tough Plastic Masks And Material Masks

These typically are not the most comfy while many CPAP masks are tough plastic. There are several variations available to provide CPAP users the ability to find a mask that they find comfortable. Hard plastic masks with gel pads on them are one alternative. The gel pads are on the part of the mask which comes into experience of the face, by dispersing some of the pressure between the mask and the user’s face and this also makes the mask more comfortable.

Material masks are another option. These masks are made of fabric instead of being made of hard plastic. Since they’ve been made from a fabric that is softer, they’re less bulky. Additionally they could be more comfortable for patients who sleep on their side, due to their malleability.

Nasal Pillows

Nose pillows are a popular choice among many CPAP users. Nose pillows are a kind of nasal mask which calls for small material nasal pillows which go over an individual’s nose. These stoppers can be breathed through by the patient because they are porous to allow air to pass through them. Because there is not a real mask covering the nose, lots of people find these to function as most comfy.

There Are Several Choices From When Buying A CPAP Mask To Selected

Whether a patient chooses a complete face mask or nasal pillows, there are lots of options available for everyone. Have a look at some of the other available choices, if you or someone you know is not happy with their CPAP mask. You’ll be surprised what you can discover. Find out more tips at Benchmark Sleep Services by visiting us online, you may get some information about sleep apnea treatment.