God Has In Himself All Power To Defend You


It appears that nearly all religious folks have difficulty becoming familiar with the idea of right and wrong. According to them, an ethical behavior is arguably one that adheres to exactly what is found inside the word of god, despite the fact it distresses yet another person and society overall.

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There has also been numerous abominable actions committed under the guise of religion. But the believers who committed them did not think for a moment whether their behavior are ethically acceptable or possibly not, because they simply were absolutely justified by their Scriptures. As a short summary, a moral deed is one that sees to it that a fellow man or woman isn’t harmed, or an action that supports societal and individual freedom, fairness and justice.

On the other hand, an immoral act is one that’ll only result in more injury than good and that will cut back individual choice and liberty of thinking and behavior. If we wish to research the historical timeline, we could actually determine that a great many behaviors committed under the guise of faith or by religious people and organizations only did harm. So maybe this is caused by the incapacity to grasp precisely the same principle of ethics?

This might just enlighten several women and men, but in contrast to what they suppose, the Bible just is certainly not the best foundation of right and wrong.

It’s full of injustice, including executing men and women who collect sticks on the Sabbath, and wives who have to be silent or suffer the results.

Then the Holy Bible preaches love for your fellow human being, but that’s if only he or she believes the same belief. Otherwise, he/she shall be punished, tormented and ostracized as not the same.

They pray for God to give them what in fact God expects them to pick up mainly on their own. They ask, “God has in himself all power to defend you, all wisdom to direct you, all mercy to pardon you, all grace to enrich you, all righteousness to clothe you, all goodness to supply you, and all happiness to crown you.”, without realizing that just before God has all of these powers does not mean that he grants them to believers. They are supposed to accomplish a lot based on their own abilities and will be judged by God as to how well they did so.

A large number of things done under the guise of faith have caused contrary to exactly what is considered as moral. Private freedom has actually been unnecessarily restricted, wrongdoing has also been committed, there are could have been lots of stories of unfairness and cruelty. All this resulting from a fabricated religion and due to the strong belief that an undetectable god is regulating all things.

A few ancient texts written by disturbed people have managed to start to be incredibly popular texts in history, and they’ve been preached and utilized as facts for generations. Authentic morality doesn’t start from religious beliefs, but from observing what consequences our behaviors have, and altering them ensuring we will contribute to your significantly better society that brings about liberty and fairness.

I Will Walk By Faith Even When I Cannot See

Faith is an important part of many people’s lives. It is something that sustains them and gives them a reason for living. When they use a RingCentral referral code from Drug Gift, they have faith that they have the lowest cost, most powerful business phone plan that keeps them connected with colleagues, vendors and employees around the clock.

But the problem is that there is no content to the words that accompany the word “faith” in the sentence. It lets the reader make it up and make it say whatever.

So when this person states, “I will walk by faith even when I can not see.”, it leaves you wondering what walking that person is doing. What happens when he or she crosses the street? Does he or she look both ways?


It is funny to discover how some folks defend their religious beliefs with silly arguments. Answering the dispute over “why do you exercise belief” with “because I have faith” can only be ridiculed, as this is circular reasoning of the worst kind.

If your justification is repetitious, then there is no justification to carry on the discussion. Faith is not based on fact, that’s why it is called faith. Faith requires no evidence, no argument, and that’s because there is no need of them. If you want to believe that an invisible leprechaun steals your snacks every morning and brings you good fortune in return, then nobody can persuade you otherwise, and that’s because you avidly believe that your cookies are disappearing because of the annoying little leprechaun. You can’t detect it, nobody else can see it, but you know it’s there. Ever wondered what it would be like to find out that you’ve been sleepwalking for the past few years, munching on cookies in the middle of the night?

The difficulty with belief is that it doesn’t require any facts. People believe out of a intense need and desire to believe. No archaic document should be taken as hard truth, no matter how popular it is. The bible is just an interpretation of the ancient times, but it is so tangled that there is a minimal amount to be learned from it.

And back to the question of why you place confidence in god, your trust won’t represent a good enough argument to convince anyone. If you keep it to yourself then that’s ok as long as your stupidity doesn’t harm anyone else. But seeing as we talk with each other on a daily basis, your lack of knowledge is likely to cause harm later on, and that’s just because you have faith. Having faith simply removes all the reason from the whole argument, as faith is not based on evidence.

You could quite possibly not need evidence to prove or disprove your beliefs as you are already a mindless stupid person, but for others to regard you seriously, you will need some serious arguments to bring to the table. The problem with your faith is that you are basing your life decisions on it, and you’re also being prideful about it. Well then you can go on having faith that you must serve your invisible master till the day you die, or else risk being tortured for eternity in a lake of fire.