Visit Ice Cream Shop Park City To Cool Off In The Hot Weather

ice cream shop park city

Everybody loves summertime. The hot weather and good times with your friends and family. Summertime is also the best season where everyone can enjoy all the yummy and cold flavors of ice cream. Ice cream is a dessert that everyone loves especially during the summertime. It’s the best time to try out all the different flavors and styles of ice cream. Whether you like strawberry or vanilla ice cream, ice cream shop park city can offer all the flavors you crave. 

How Is Ice Cream Made?

Ice cream is made from a mixture of milk, cream, and sugar.  Those are the main ingredients Sometimes other ingredients can be used. Ice cream has been a very popular treat for many years, but it has only become even more popular. The popularity of ice cream has led the ice cream industry to expand, even more, making new ice cream desserts like frozen yogurt, frozen custards, and even non-dairy ice cream. 

Most Popular Flavors

Vanilla and chocolate are probably the two most ordered ice cream flavors every day. Since these two flavors are so simple, people sometimes love to add a cherry or chocolate fudge on top to spicy it up. Your local ice cream shops have rich and creamy chocolate and vanilla flavors that will completely satisfy your taste buds. The vanilla ice cream has real vanilla beans making it taste super delicious. The biggest reason why people lean towards vanilla and chocolate ice cream it’s because those are simple flavors and taste good with any toppings. 

Healthy Ice Cream Choices

If you love ice cream but you are wanting to stick to your diet, there are still options for you. For those who don’t consume dairy or are lactose intolerant, there are dairy-free and vegan ice cream flavors, you can get without breaking your diet and upsetting your stomach. Most vegan and dairy-free ice cream is made of cocoa butter and guar gum and has no milk. Yes, it still tastes like regular ice cream. For those who are watching their summer figure, you can order sugar-free ice cream which has a lot fewer calories than regular ice cream does. 

Cool Facts About The Ice Cream World


  • Ice cream was first invented in China in the 17th century. Ice cream was first made from a mixture of rice and milk and was packed into the snow. 
  • The month of July is the peak of the summer and also the hottest month of the year, making it July the national month of ice cream.
  • It takes almost 50 licks to finish a cone
  • Ice cream can be made completely dairy-free
  • The first recipe for ice cream was found in a recipe book in 1665
  • The tallest ice cream cone was made over 9 feet tall

Now it’s time for you to go and cool off with your favorite ice cream flavor from ice cream shop park city.  Ice cream shops offer high-quality ingredients in their ice cream which makes it taste so good. The ice cream is all hand-made at the store and is offered in all the unique flavors that are made with real fruit.